Soap Bars

Soap Bars

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Our all new Soap Bars are gentle and nourishing on the skin. They contain Shea butter and are available in selected scents. 

Spa Day - Crisp and watery, this fresh citrus accord opens with bergamot tea and mandarin, ozone and cassis on a floral heart of Jasmin and violet, supported on a fond of musk, sandal and amber.

Herbal Help - A fresh and strong eucalyptus fragrance with a slightly herbal and clean background with notes of thyme and menthol.

Cotton Candy Clouds - A sweet candyfloss accord with supporting notes of sugar, lemon, musk and vanilla.

Lavender & Chamomile - A soothing herbal accord with dominant notes of lavender and chamomile, mixed with other notes of cooling eucalyptus and peppermint, descending onto floral geranium.